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go orioles!

Quincy High School


go orioles!

Quincy High School

go orioles!

Quincy High School

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Game Summary

2.0 months ago @ 9:45AM

Boys/Girls Middle School Track vs. Multiple Opponents

Game Date
May 17, 2022


The Quincy Middle School track team headed to Concord for the last meet of the season on May 17, with five schools in total attending the meet.  We had a total of 65 PRs for our athletes for the night!  They are as follows:  Diezel Sheely, Lincoln Sims (2), Rylan Dickey (2), Hayden Peters (2), Wes Wasikowski (3), Alex Dunn, Austin Preston (3), Mason Rice, Hudson Gray (2), Eddie Miller (2), Micah Groves (2), Isaac Lee (3), Tyler Miner, Isaiah Staggs (2), Blaik Pierce (2), Andrew Dunn, James Craig, Garrett Haylett, Clayton Benson (3), Gavhyn Johnson, Noah Rufenacht, Ethan Pearson, Kali Kugler (2), Avery Massey (2), Lillian Gould-Zimmer (2), Isabelle Marske (3), Kyha Brewer, Takiah Rice (2), Makayla Metz (2), Ava Barve (3), Piper Craig (2), Olivea Rhines (3), Olivia Davenport (2), and Hannah Brown (2). 


In addition to all of these PRs, we have multiple athletes sitting in top ten positions in the Big 8 for the end of our season.  They are as follows:

Ethan Pearson - 1st in shot put, 8th in the 70 meter dash, 3rd in the 4x100

Wes Wasikowski - 4th in the 70 meter dash, 5th in the 100 meter dash, 3rd in the 4x100

Micah Groves - 4th in the 400 meter, 3rd in the 4x100, 5th in the 4x400

Eddie Miller - 10th in the 3200 meter,, 6th in the 4x800

Clayton Benson - 1st in the 55m hurdles, 2nd in high jump, 3rd in the 4x100

Carson Haylett - 9th in the 200m hurdles, 9th in high jump

Conner Guthrie - 3rd in shot put, 6th in the 4x200

Rylan Dickey - 7th in shot put

Austin Preston - 5th in pole vault

Tyler Miner - 8th in pole vault, 5th in the 4x400

Alex Dunn - 4th in long jump, 6th in the 4x200

Drew Neusbaum - 6th in the 4x200

Noah Rufenacht - 6th in the 4x200

Isaiah Staggs - 5th in the 4x400

Blaik Pierce - 5th in the 4x400

Jax Sergent - 6th in the 4x800

Garrett Haylett - 6th in the 4x800

Hudson Gray - 6th in the 4x800

Elizabeth Craig - 8th in the 400 meter

Kendyl Musielewicz - 2nd in the 800m, 3rd in the 1600m, 4th in the 400, 2nd in the 4x800

Olivia Davenport - 1st in shot put, 5th in 55m hurdles, 9th in 200 meter dash, 7th in 4x100

Clare Robertson - 6th in the 800 meter, 4th in the 4x400, 2nd in the 4x800

Brookelyn Parker - 1st in 55m hurdles, 2nd in 1600 meter, 2nd in 200m hurdles

Kyha Brewer - 4th in shot put

Piper Craig - 4th in pole vault,  7th in the 4x200

Hannah Brown - 10th in long jump, 7th in the 4x200

Avery Massey - 7th in 4x100

Lillian Gould-Zimmer -7th in 4x100

Kali Kugler - 7th in 4x100

Ava Barve -  7th in the 4x200

Isabelle Marske -  7th in the 4x200

Faith Rodesiler - 4th in the 4x400

Lilly Gray - 4th in the 4x400, 2nd in the 4x800

Peyton Proctor - 4th in the 4x400, 2nd in the 4x800


It has been an amazing season.  Congratulations to all of the athletes on all of their accomplishments!!!  Go Q!